Beginning Sept 17th, two gatherings resume at 9:15am & 11am

Meet the team.

Duane Bower

Lead Pastor
My wife Sadie and I have 6 kids!
I enjoy movies, video games, woodworking, playing ukulele, knitting, and pretty much anything else I can learn on YouTube.

Melanie Pierce

Associate Pastor
My husband and I still like each other after 25+ years of marriage:)
Disney World and the beach are my happy places. Summer is my favorite time of year. And everyday begins with a cup of coffee!

Lee Shafer

Youth Pastor
I'm a pretty random person, with an absolutely gorgeous wife.  I seem to have an entourage of people who follow me around and call me dad.  I try to cram life lessons into every nook and cranny of life, but also seem to find humor everywhere I look.
Sadie Bower

Children's Ministry Director

My husband and I have 6 amazing kids! I love teaching, coffee, music, reading, coffee, and going to plays!  I love my church family!