Here at epic you will find broken people with a heart for broken people. A worship band that rocks but makes God the rock star. A pastor who left work in the public sector in order to devote time and energy to spreading the hope and love of Jesus, an awesome Kids ministry, a youth group that is enjoyable, but challenging, and tons of friendly faces that have experienced the grace and hope that only God has to offer.  

We gather together to be encouraged and to learn a new way of doing life with Him and with those around us. We gather because we love God and we love people. We stand united in spirit and purpose, in mission and in worship, in faith, in hope, and in love.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you’ll join us on Sunday morning to experience what we’re all about for yourself.

This is epic!

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Life change begins on Sunday morning, but it doesn't end there. In a small group you will develop meaningful friendships, study God's Word, and journey through the issues and challenges of life together. Service is also a great way to get connected. We are constantly watching where God is working so we can join with Him on His mission.

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